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briana's earrings are so cute!

i went to the mall today with my mom. i finally fit back into size 00 jeans! yay! I'm soooo glad I don't have to eat all that extra crap that brestfeeding moms have to eat cause I would seriously throw up if I ate more then like 2 grapes in one day. i need to be an example for my daughter. i need to teach her important things like how no one will like her if she grows up to be a lardass. thats another reason why formula is so great - you can just take the bottle away when she's had enough and give her a pacifier instead. how do brestfeeding moms no when there kid has had a full bottle? well my princess is never going to be like one of those fat little titlings. overweight is overweight.

i got briana's ears pierced while we were there. i made my mom hold her cause I just couldnt watch, but they are SOOO cute. she keeps tuggin on them and their kinda red and she really hates it when i try to clean them so she screams and cries and stuff but she's so young that she won't remember the pain, so what's the big deal, right?

i got some new charms for my bracelet to. one said "sexy" and the other looks kinda like this to remind me of briana when I'm out partying. i love her so much! she is my heart and sole!

have you girls seen these? aren't they cute? oh, and i forgot to look for that podee thing when i was out. can you buy them in stores or do i have to get it online?
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April 10 2004, 07:12:51 UTC 14 years ago

Ugg. I'm a little sad that I won't be joining your community after all. My hubby insist I breastfeed. He is shallow and mean and thinks our baby will walk with a limp and drop dead if I don't.

That means I'll have to quit my job. Which, of course, means we will had to sell our huge, beautiful home and my car too.
We will now have to live this trailer in a trailer park in a not so nice neighbor. I told him our baby deserves the best in life but he doesn't care if we live in a shack and eat beans for years.

He says babies don't deserve the best in life. Breast milk makes the world go round, it pays the bills, it guarantees health, wealth and happiness. Boy is he ever screwed!
He says it's best for our baby. I wonder, if on graduation day, our son will say, Hey Mom, thanks for the milk, I didn't really want to go to college anyway. Hmmmm?

It's bad enough he'll be ashamed of me because I haven't done anything with my life while his friends have awesome cool career mothers.. sigh

Guess I'll have to learn to sew, garden, and talk sh*t about other mothers. Secretly I'm jealous. I know they are able to handle a home, family, career and still be happy. I wish I could be like thouse women. I'm so tired of sitting home all day long in ratty sweats alone. I never will get to see my husband. He has to work 3 jobs just to pay bills. Some family, hu.

I feel like a single low life mom. Guess I'll have to get some thick skin and learn to act like I'm better than everyone. I'm looking forward to some pointers from moms on the net.

Later babes, I have to go now. My hubby just bought me a new mop from the dollar store, for my birthday. I'm so excited. I don't have to use old socks on my hands and knees to clean the 20 year old tattered floor in our trailor!!!!!!!!!!!! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee
wow - I don't know any moms who live in shacks and eat beans for years AND breastfeed. all the ones I know get free formula from WIC. you poor thing - broke as shit AND bogged down with the little titlings all day - i just can't imagine never getting a break. i'd go nuts if I had to see my kid 24-7. hell, i'd go nuts if i had her for more than a few hours straight.

i am sooo sorry to hear about your situation! Your husband sounds like a real asshole, and he doesn't even make enough money to pay for a trailer? how pathetic? why are you still with him? I would NEVER be with a man unless he made enough money to support me and my daughter and still take me out every weekend and buy me lots of bling bling. In fact, I've been trying to convince mine to get us a nighttime nanny. The daytime nanny is nice and all, but I NEED my sleep, yanno?

for what it's worth, my baby daddy comes from money, and most of the women in his circle are always making cracks about my formula feeding and my baby always being sick - something about them all being "more educated" then me or sum shit. i'm sorry your so broke, but i'm so glad your not like those snotty rich bitches.

you should leave your husband. You could just go on WIC (free formula) and get a regualer job and put your kid in daycare. i'm sure you could get free housing from the government which wouldn't be all that fancy, but hell, you live in a shack now, right? They'd prolly pay you enough money so that you wouldn't HAVE to work, but if you did you'd get free government daycare too, and you could spend your money on some nice big brand name mops.

or maybe you could talk to crack_whore666 about her career. she blows most of her money, but I do know that she makes a LOT.

good luck! and let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
Your story has made me even more happy that I didn't breast-feed! It is so anti-feminist - I'm glad I'm not stuck in a trailer like those lacating fishwives! I feed my baby something MANmade because that is the way to equality - being just like men!