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Hi everyone!

Im bottle feeding and proud!!! I tried breast feeding with my first ds all I can say is
OUCH !!!! Then, on top of that I figure formula would actually be better for my
little pea than my breast milk because I really don't eat healthy and Im a drinker (though
I have stopped for my babys when I was prego excludung the first 4 months...I mean they only a blob then anyway) Really thought about it but decided not to for either of my kids....Im just so selfish ya know?
I am SO SICK of boob_nazis....god there like a bunch of big arseholes. I tried brestfeeding with my first.....but it didn't work....
before i left the hospital i just baby was a bottle baby...he didn't want no damn tit. Besides why would I waste the give away wic would give me? (even tho they don't gimme enuff to make it thru the whole i just water down the formula more)
Another reason I don't want to breastfeed is because MY body wouldn't be mine..I mean god the baby took over my body like something from alien...I just want to be me again. not a lactating cow. I know whats best for my baby...its MY choice
ugh screw all dem hataz!
Anyone add me if you want!!
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