mommy's lil trailer trash (funkinbunny) wrote in boob_not_zees,
mommy's lil trailer trash

hey y'all! i'm new!

Hi im so glad i found this community cuz im sick uv seeing those stupid boobnazies talking shit about bottlefeeders. my name is mysti and im the proud momma to 6 with number 7 just a few months away! my kids r justice gavin,10, twins mykaeylia starre and madycin deztini, 8, easton gunnar, 4 shauwn robert jr, 3, and iszabellah olivya,1. I'm thinking for the next one it will be jaden nicholle or jaylin mechelle for a girl or jaden michael or jaylin michael for a boy. what do u think? i would ask the babies dad for the answer but im not really sure who he is. hes either the guy from smitty's tavern or he's shauwn jr's daddy or the twins daddy.
anyway, those bottle proppers are kewl! i asked my momma to get me one cuz i was sick of holdin the babies with one hand and holdin the bottle with the other cuz it makes it hard to smoke. once i ashd in lil eastons poor eye! well momma ashd in lit shauwn jr's eye and decided that we had to do sumthin about it so i wuz so happy to get the podee at my baby shower that we had at smitty's tavern. im so glad that we drank and smoked up later cuz iszabellah really liked it and wanted to come out so she did 2 months early. but she really likes the podee. ireally hope this baby is shauwn jr's daddy cuz he's the luv ov my life even though he hits me and he hit justice and called him a faggit cuz he caught him playin with the twins barbies and threatened to send him to live with his faggit daddy in south carolina. wen he gits out of jail im goin get some good bud and we r goin to have sex til im raw. i formula fed all my babys and i plan to formula feed because shauwn says my titties are only his an besides im a born agin christian and i have excepted jesus as my lord and savior and he thinks breastfeeding is perverted. i dont want my sons to grow up to think suckin on boobs all day long is right cuz he should be readin the bible.
well thanks for welcumming me to the community,
god bless,
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