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hi, I am jen a 19-yo mom to 3 week old kaylie-ann (that's her first naem, her middle name is diva-rose) and I hope u don;t mind but I do breastfeed, but only b/c I cant afford to get formula b/c i have 2 pay rent and stuff b/c my parents kicked me out when i got pregnant and I dont talk 2 them anymore. but i wanted 2 keep the baby b/c i thought my boyfirend would marry but he dumped me instead, that ass, but that's ok, b/c I have a new boyfriend that i am in love with, John, he is 28 and we havent actually met yet b/c he lives in england but we've been together 4 months online and we hope 2 meet soon!!!

I work almost full time at old navy 2 pay my bills but since I had to take maternity leave i couldnt afford bottles or anythig so Ive only been breastfeeding but I go back to work next week so hopefully ill be able 2 get formula after that, and even though my EXboyfriend is a jurk his parents are nice and wil babysit for free b/c kaylie-ann is thier grandkid and stuff. and they even agreed 2 pay for formula that they use when she is there!!! I hope she will like it b/c she only ever had breastmilk but i don't want 2 breastfeed much longer than i have 2. it's so annoying she eats all day and I know that kids who drink formula eat less ofen so that should be eaiser.

anyway I just wanted 2 say hi and I hope 2 make some new friends that are moms too!!! I hope u dont think im a boob nazi or anything cause I breastfeed cause Im totaly not i only breastfeed cause i have 2 for now.
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