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hi everyone. i'm new here, and here is a little something about me. i have a beautiful four month old daughter named amanda. i wanted to call her 'oopsthecondombroke' but that was too long for the birth certificate. lolol!

anyway, i breast fed for three and a half days. damn that was hard! my poor breasts looked like pieces of peanut brittle, and i swear the baby has jaws of life. i switched to the bottle, and they got better. go figure!

i am on wic to help with the formula since pete ran off with the next door neighbor susan. not that i'm bitter. anyway, i noticed something. i thought if i did breastfeed they'd give me all this food so i could eat real well and give my baby really good breast milk. no. all they gave me on the one wic thing i got before i switched to formula was frozen veggies. so while i now get 31 cans of formula, all those breast feeders get frozen peas to put on their sore nipples. guess we showed them, huh.

anyway, hello everyone. i hope to post more soon, but i have to wake frank (my current bf and landlord) up for work, and i think my babies bottle is done. either that or she knocked it off the pillow it was propped on cause now she's crying. later!
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