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briana's earrings are so cute!

i went to the mall today with my mom. i finally fit back into size 00 jeans! yay! I'm soooo glad I don't have to eat all that extra crap that brestfeeding moms have to eat cause I would seriously throw up if I ate more then like 2 grapes in one day. i need to be an example for my daughter. i need to teach her important things like how no one will like her if she grows up to be a lardass. thats another reason why formula is so great - you can just take the bottle away when she's had enough and give her a pacifier instead. how do brestfeeding moms no when there kid has had a full bottle? well my princess is never going to be like one of those fat little titlings. overweight is overweight.

i got briana's ears pierced while we were there. i made my mom hold her cause I just couldnt watch, but they are SOOO cute. she keeps tuggin on them and their kinda red and she really hates it when i try to clean them so she screams and cries and stuff but she's so young that she won't remember the pain, so what's the big deal, right?

i got some new charms for my bracelet to. one said "sexy" and the other looks kinda like this to remind me of briana when I'm out partying. i love her so much! she is my heart and sole!

have you girls seen these? aren't they cute? oh, and i forgot to look for that podee thing when i was out. can you buy them in stores or do i have to get it online?
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