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Breast may be "best"
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Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
6:25 pm
i hope this is allowed, if not, just let me know

Are you tired of being bashed down constantly for formula feeding? Did you try to breastfeed and it just didnt work? Are you tired of having to defend your reasons for formula feeding? Then please join formula_nazis. We arent a community against breastfeeding, only those who bash us for using formula.

Feel free to join!
Saturday, August 14th, 2004
3:31 pm
omg i JUST found that "boob nazis" group everybody talkz about... thay r CRAYZEE. like, thay think brestmilk is the *only* food thatz good 4 a baybe. i mean duh, formula wouldnt have ben invented if it waznt as good!
Tuesday, July 20th, 2004
2:44 pm
yay! my daughter is completely weened! im so glad that homosexual incestuous pedophiliac part of my life iz over!!! now that i kno about WIC, i can get free formula from the BEGINNING next time!!!!!!
Saturday, July 17th, 2004
9:38 pm
people are stupid
OMG people are so stupid. dont they have anything better to do than make livejournal entries about how stupid other people are?

damn people are so stupid

x-posted in my journal

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Wednesday, July 14th, 2004
7:51 pm
boob nazis suck
ladies, I think crackwhore is a troll. the mod might want to kick her out.

oh, and has everyone seen boobnazis_suck? that is really funny! I'm glad people are finally putting those bitches in their place.

How is everyone?

Current Mood: amused
Saturday, May 1st, 2004
1:12 am
Hi everyone!
Im bottle feeding and proud!!! I tried breast feeding with my first ds all I can say is
OUCH !!!! Then, on top of that I figure formula would actually be better for my
little pea than my breast milk because I really don't eat healthy and Im a drinker (though
I have stopped for my babys when I was prego excludung the first 4 months...I mean they only a blob then anyway) Really thought about it but decided not to for either of my kids....Im just so selfish ya know?
I am SO SICK of boob_nazis....god there like a bunch of big arseholes. I tried brestfeeding with my first.....but it didn't work....
before i left the hospital i just knew....my baby was a bottle baby...he didn't want no damn tit. Besides why would I waste the give away wic would give me? (even tho they don't gimme enuff to make it thru the whole month......so i just water down the formula more)
Another reason I don't want to breastfeed is because MY body wouldn't be mine..I mean god the baby took over my body like something from alien...I just want to be me again. not a lactating cow. I know whats best for my baby...its MY choice
ugh screw all dem hataz!
Anyone add me if you want!!

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Tuesday, April 20th, 2004
4:51 pm
OMG i can't believe what happened yesterday! i had 2 go 2 work again, for the first day since having kaylie-ann, and her grama watched her.. she cried the whole time!! i cant believe she didn't want the bottle. i wish i could have fed her formula from the beginning, because now she doesnt want it! oh well, she'll get hungry eventually! i have 2 work again 2nite!
Monday, April 19th, 2004
10:51 pm
hey y'all! i'm new!
Hi im so glad i found this community cuz im sick uv seeing those stupid boobnazies talking shit about bottlefeeders. my name is mysti and im the proud momma to 6 with number 7 just a few months away! my kids r justice gavin,10, twins mykaeylia starre and madycin deztini, 8, easton gunnar, 4 shauwn robert jr, 3, and iszabellah olivya,1. I'm thinking for the next one it will be jaden nicholle or jaylin mechelle for a girl or jaden michael or jaylin michael for a boy. what do u think? i would ask the babies dad for the answer but im not really sure who he is. hes either the guy from smitty's tavern or he's shauwn jr's daddy or the twins daddy.
anyway, those bottle proppers are kewl! i asked my momma to get me one cuz i was sick of holdin the babies with one hand and holdin the bottle with the other cuz it makes it hard to smoke. once i ashd in lil eastons poor eye! well momma ashd in lit shauwn jr's eye and decided that we had to do sumthin about it so i wuz so happy to get the podee at my baby shower that we had at smitty's tavern. im so glad that we drank and smoked up later cuz iszabellah really liked it and wanted to come out so she did 2 months early. but she really likes the podee. ireally hope this baby is shauwn jr's daddy cuz he's the luv ov my life even though he hits me and he hit justice and called him a faggit cuz he caught him playin with the twins barbies and threatened to send him to live with his faggit daddy in south carolina. wen he gits out of jail im goin get some good bud and we r goin to have sex til im raw. i formula fed all my babys and i plan to formula feed because shauwn says my titties are only his an besides im a born agin christian and i have excepted jesus as my lord and savior and he thinks breastfeeding is perverted. i dont want my sons to grow up to think suckin on boobs all day long is right cuz he should be readin the bible.
well thanks for welcumming me to the community,
god bless,
10:53 am
I admit it. I am overly hard on myself. Some people say that the reason I feel guilty about giving up breastfeeding is because it's biologically ingrained in me to nurture my baby. But I think that's not the reason. The reason I feel guilty is because my baby cries all the time and I wish he wasn't so sad. I think his self esteem will improve once he starts to sleep through the night. YOu know what they say, "That which doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!" Babywise never killed any baby, so I imagine he'll be real strong after he learns the method LOL! A friend I talked to yesterday said my milk was probably just not 'rich enough' for him,and that makes sense. I was a big eater as a baby, and he is too. My milk just isn't enough! I think my body knows it too, because ever since he started having Formula, my milk supply has decreased. I think that's nature's way of showing me I shouldn't be nursing :) Last night my boyfriend wanted me to sleep and so he fed him three ounces of formula for his middle of the night feeding. He cried again in the night, but he's 3 weeks old! 3 ounces is more than enough to fillhis tummy all night, the big faker! He's just like his mama, crying for attention LOL! Trust me, I have enough guilt from beating myself up over this. The last thing I need is supposed "Boob Nazis" giving me a hard time. Obviously I wanted to nurse, or I wouldn't have bothered trying! In happy news, the plastibell from the circ came off yesterday, so that's not bothering him anymore. I think it was bothering him that last couple of days it was on because it wasn't ON his willy any more. It was just kinda..hanging by a thread of skin and his pedi told me not to pull it off, just let it fall off by itself. He always had more than one poopy diaper per day and I'm wondering if he wass holding it in because he's in pain from the plastibell from the circ coming off. It's just kind of....hanging there by a thread from his willy and the dr. said not to pull it off. It's supposed to come off by itself and I hope it will soon. It seems to be making him very, very fussy. Oh well, at least his penis won't look freaky when he's a grownup!
Well, Babywise is supposed to make him sleep through the night by the time he's 8-9 wks old and I'm really hoping it works. I'm so freaking sleep deprived right now it's unfreaking real!
Anyway, that's my lil guy in my icon, getting used to Babywise...so CUTE!!

Current Mood: accomplished
1:27 am
Can someone help me?

My baby has been loosing weight. He was like 9lbs when he was born, but now he's like 7lbs and 2mths old!
What gives??

I am breastfeeding him, but I don't think my milk supply is enough. Can someone give me info on supplementing with formula??
Will that make him gain weight??

Oh, btw...I have the BEST book, you guys should check it out!
it's called "babywise" by a dr ezzo guy!

It's totally helped me with this whole baby thing!!

(parody post. do not take information seriously)
Monday, April 12th, 2004
8:19 pm
hi, I am jen a 19-yo mom to 3 week old kaylie-ann (that's her first naem, her middle name is diva-rose) and I hope u don;t mind but I do breastfeed, but only b/c I cant afford to get formula b/c i have 2 pay rent and stuff b/c my parents kicked me out when i got pregnant and I dont talk 2 them anymore. but i wanted 2 keep the baby b/c i thought my boyfirend would marry but he dumped me instead, that ass, but that's ok, b/c I have a new boyfriend that i am in love with, John, he is 28 and we havent actually met yet b/c he lives in england but we've been together 4 months online and we hope 2 meet soon!!!

I work almost full time at old navy 2 pay my bills but since I had to take maternity leave i couldnt afford bottles or anythig so Ive only been breastfeeding but I go back to work next week so hopefully ill be able 2 get formula after that, and even though my EXboyfriend is a jurk his parents are nice and wil babysit for free b/c kaylie-ann is thier grandkid and stuff. and they even agreed 2 pay for formula that they use when she is there!!! I hope she will like it b/c she only ever had breastmilk but i don't want 2 breastfeed much longer than i have 2. it's so annoying she eats all day and I know that kids who drink formula eat less ofen so that should be eaiser.

anyway I just wanted 2 say hi and I hope 2 make some new friends that are moms too!!! I hope u dont think im a boob nazi or anything cause I breastfeed cause Im totaly not i only breastfeed cause i have 2 for now.
Sunday, April 11th, 2004
2:26 am
hi everyone. i'm new here, and here is a little something about me. i have a beautiful four month old daughter named amanda. i wanted to call her 'oopsthecondombroke' but that was too long for the birth certificate. lolol!

anyway, i breast fed for three and a half days. damn that was hard! my poor breasts looked like pieces of peanut brittle, and i swear the baby has jaws of life. i switched to the bottle, and they got better. go figure!

i am on wic to help with the formula since pete ran off with the next door neighbor susan. not that i'm bitter. anyway, i noticed something. i thought if i did breastfeed they'd give me all this food so i could eat real well and give my baby really good breast milk. no. all they gave me on the one wic thing i got before i switched to formula was frozen veggies. so while i now get 31 cans of formula, all those breast feeders get frozen peas to put on their sore nipples. guess we showed them, huh.

anyway, hello everyone. i hope to post more soon, but i have to wake frank (my current bf and landlord) up for work, and i think my babies bottle is done. either that or she knocked it off the pillow it was propped on cause now she's crying. later!

Current Mood: productive
Saturday, April 10th, 2004
11:31 pm
My baby will be one week old tomorrow (Sunday). For purely selfish reasons, I would like to start pumping - that way daddy can feed her and I can rest or daddy and I can go out to dinner when the grandparents come to visit.

Will pumping too soon cause problems with producing too much milk? My milk is in and we seem to have the feeding part almost down pat.
It's better to make too little than too much, you know?

Current Mood: chipper
2:47 am
briana's earrings are so cute!
i went to the mall today with my mom. i finally fit back into size 00 jeans! yay! I'm soooo glad I don't have to eat all that extra crap that brestfeeding moms have to eat cause I would seriously throw up if I ate more then like 2 grapes in one day. i need to be an example for my daughter. i need to teach her important things like how no one will like her if she grows up to be a lardass. thats another reason why formula is so great - you can just take the bottle away when she's had enough and give her a pacifier instead. how do brestfeeding moms no when there kid has had a full bottle? well my princess is never going to be like one of those fat little titlings. overweight is overweight.

i got briana's ears pierced while we were there. i made my mom hold her cause I just couldnt watch, but they are SOOO cute. she keeps tuggin on them and their kinda red and she really hates it when i try to clean them so she screams and cries and stuff but she's so young that she won't remember the pain, so what's the big deal, right?

i got some new charms for my bracelet to. one said "sexy" and the other looks kinda like this to remind me of briana when I'm out partying. i love her so much! she is my heart and sole!

have you girls seen these? aren't they cute? oh, and i forgot to look for that podee thing when i was out. can you buy them in stores or do i have to get it online?

Current Mood: happy
1:48 am
I hear all these women talk'n bout how they breastfeed an all that. And how their baby's poo don't stink. (haha)
I don't know HOW they could say that! that poo is all yellow and runny an shit. Ick.

Formula fed babies have this lovely poo!
It looks like whipped philly cream cheese dyed green.
And smells like fermented bean curd crawled into a hole and died.

It's lovely!!

((mental note to self, do not buy bagels for atleast 2 weeks after being around a FF baby))
12:57 am
This community cracks me up :)

I actually thought of a REAL legitimate use for the crappy ass podee thing.
Corran's favorite position is laying on my side...so since I DO have to work, dad has to give him a bottle now and then :(
It can't be helped :/

But, I was thinking it might actually be useful (Altho FAR too disturbing) for doug to snuggle up to the little one and let him fake-nurse in corran's favorite position. That way he gets his skin to skin contact, especially at night.

I should send my stepsister to this site. her intro would read:

Hi, my name is april, and i'm 24 years old. I married bill and immediately got pregnant. On purpose.
Then it dawned on me that I was unemployed, he was unemployed, he beats me until I call the cops, and I HATE kids.

So we had the first kid, with only a few occurances of me going to the hospital for bruised ribs whne you threw beer cans at me (full) while pregnant.
The baby was a girl, which pissed us both off, bill wanted a boy and it was my job to do it for him!
I gave up breastfeeding after about, oh...2 weeks. All that free formula from wic!

Then I got pregnant again when the first was less than 3 months old. I'm SOOO smart!
Now I have two kids to support, because bill can't keep a job for more than a week between stealing, drinking, beating people up and selling pot all the time.
He even keeps kilo bags of pot in the baby's dresser! nobody would think to look there!!

I tried to breastfeed the second baby, but my husband was thrown in jail, AGAIN, and this time for 5 months! She was only 3 days old when he was arrested. And she was a girl. I was sick and tired of all this crying and whining. Blah.
So I propped a bottle of formula in her mouth so I could take a shower!

WIC is the greatest. I get foodstamps too. I get all this free formula, and diapers, and food! Yipee!
I don't have to work, because we file bankruptcy when we can't pay any of our bills, got my parents to cosign for a car then defaulted, and we don't EVER pay rent because the sweet old lady who rents to us can't bear to throw us out! hahah!

I use all my money I DO make to get photos taken of my girls in fancy dresses to show them off, but I call my stepmom to bitch that I don't want to have kids anymore.
They are just too much work!
Oh, and I buy contacts I never wear (Glasses are easier) esp at my job because the fumes from the cleaning products hurt them. Being a janitor at a school is awsome!
I finially have a job for the first time in, oh...6 years?
I also have my hair cut and colored or permed every 2-3 months.
Screw the kids! I need things for me too!

I can't afford anything and beg relatives for money, but hey...I gotta look good while doing it!

Don't you think she'd be a perfect fit here??
Friday, April 9th, 2004
11:53 pm
Hi ladies :) Hope everyone is a lil buzzed on this fine Friday night! It sure is a GOOD friday around here!
My lil girl is all cozied up in bed with her baba...it's so cute the way she holds it. It's clear that she loves it, and if Breastfeeders could see the look of contentment on my lil girls face when she's sucking down her Enfamil...well I bet they'd change their tune. They talk about the nice feelings they get while feeding their babies at the breast...I don't know, it sounds like they're enjoying it a LIT-TLE too much if you know what I mean.
Also, bottle feeding encourages independance in a growing baby. My lil Angel has been feeding herself since she was 2 months old I have not held a bottle once! I'm so proud of my baby.

Current Mood: buzzin'
11:12 pm
I got a sitter for tonite! My BF and I are havin a FUN TIME u bet we r and if I weren't using formula I'd be stuck here takin care of a baby on a friday nite. Instead we cracked out the bacardis!

Thanx mom for watchin him so I can get some hubby time. Gonna be wild when we get to the bedroom. Maybe we'll have anothir one in 9 months!

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8:45 pm
Hi Mommies :) I have a question about my little Julian (3 wks) he hasn't had a poop in 6 days and I'm wondering if it's normal? Is it the formula doing it to him? We have him on Similac with iron, should I switch to the low iron or the Isomil? He seemed ok this morning and the daycare called me at work this afternoon to tell me that he smiled for the first time! So he must have been happy, right? Or maybe it was gas??? When I got home from work he has hardly stopped screaming and he keeps pulling his knees up to his chest, he's crying so hard that he turns purple, should I take him to the hospital? Could formula do this to my baby???

Thanks for your help! I can't deal with a night of screaming...I just got home an hour ago and I have to be up at 5 AM to start my work day tomorrow...I just don't have time for a sick baby! AHHHH!
Thursday, April 8th, 2004
8:57 pm
Hi Mommies! I'm Anna, Mommy to one month old 3 week old, Julian. I am new to this group and to live journal! I'm so glad there are so many other Mommies out there that don't think breastfeeding is very important. When I had Julian, the nurses at the hospital were really pushy even though I told them that I didn't want to breastfeed. He was a little sick at first and they said that the colustrom (sp?) was important, but I really didn't want to breastfeed -at all- and they kept pushing me! I was very annoyed, finally I agreed to pump some colustrom for him so they'd leave me alone but I didn't want him at my breast.

The reason I chose not to breastfeed is because I was returning back to work 4 days after his birth and I didn't want him to be too attached to me, and to tell you the truth, I didn't want to be too attached to him either so I feared that breastfeeding for a few days would screw up my plans of going straight back to work...I already miss him so much and I've barely let myself get very attached. Ya know?? My husband, Eddie and I decided during my pregnancy that the very best we could do for our child(ren) is give them two full time working parents. With the cost of things these days, it is really the only way to give them the important things in life!

I don't mean to go on and on...just wanted to let you know how I got to where I am. I can't wait to get to know all of you! Are there other working Mommies on here? What do you all do? Oh yeah, I'm a legal secretary.
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